MInd Trips

June 26th, 2009

Where would you go on this magical old bike? I’d visit a couple of places in the past:
– The bench under the magnolia tree in full bloom on the American University campus where I fell in love with my history professor. I could have done without the 7 years of angst, drama and drivel that followed, but I’ll never forget that silent lightning strike of two people colliding in space and time and having their molecules rearranged.
– I’d go to the beach with my kids and watch my young son come up the beach dragging an enormous dead sea turtle he’d found behind him with a rope. Because he was so purely happy and later that became a rarity for him and our relationship, I’d love to go back to that moment and appreciate it more.
– I’d follow the Pacific Coast Highway toward Mendocino again, the great ocean swelling and heaving and changing colors on one side of the road, the swell and curve of the tawny California hills on the other, a surge of Vivaldi leading me on, uniting sea and land, heaven and earth.

8 Responses to “MInd Trips”

  1. mary ann says:

    next trip to mendocino i take the coastal route and buy a vivaldi cd. will blow kisses out the window and inhale big gulps of sunshiny or foggy air depending on the weather.
    i want to ride on the magic bike too and get my molecules rearranged. just a quick spin?

  2. suchil says:

    i love your writing. i've been looking at a lot of blogs today in pursuit of ideas for a project I am doing, and yours is like a breath of fresh air. i really like the frank approach you have, and of course, being a Frida-freak myself, have also found myself on many a hot summer night, in my own version of FridaVille. Looking forward to watching your posts!

  3. frida says:

    Thanks so much for your great comments!

  4. V-Grrrl says:

    I'd ride the magic bicycle back to the kitchen table in my childhood home and sit and have evening tea with my parents, a family tradition.

    I'd go back to 1995 and the week the Man and I spent in Duck, N.C. It was the off season. I was pregnant with our first child. We were 13 years into our marriage and that was the most romantic vacation we ever shared.

    And I'd go back to 1989 and slip my skinny ass into my favorite stretchy black mini skirt, throw on a black tee and a pair of heels and feel sexy again. Was that 20 years and 40 pounds ago? How sad!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn't go back and visit or change a single thing, but I would have enjoyed this beautiful bike to ride on. And after reading this post, I held my nine-year old's hand walking into the grocery store and savored every second of those little fingers against my palm.


  6. Judi says:

    Aw, I've been following your blog for a while- I didn't know you went to AU! So did I- that makes me very happy. 🙂

  7. notmassproduced says:

    I'd probably fall off it a few yards down the road

  8. Edith says:

    What happened to the music. I enjoyed it so much!!