Midnight Madness

June 29th, 2010

1. Scorpions in my shoes…it could happen.

2. What did I say about the Brazilian wax at the barbecue when I was a little drunk?

3. How can I make more money?

4. Where is that bracelet I lost last year? And my red glasses? I should get up and look for them again.

5. Why did I buy/open/eat the ice cream?

6. My dirt yard is so hillbilly. I need sod right away. How can I make more money?

7. Why isn’t my sleeping pill working? What if my doctor gave me a placebo?

8. What if I have sleep apnea and have to wear a Hannibal Lector  mask?

9. Why don’t I have any grownup clothes? Why do I have a princess bed? What possessed me? My whole life is badly, sadly decorated.

10. Do they give prescriptions for medical marijuana brownies to treat insomnia? I wish I hadn’t eaten all the ice cream.

8 Responses to “Midnight Madness”

  1. Kim says:

    It’s the voice. I know the voice. It rakes through a list of insults and regrets when I can’t fall asleep. Methodically. Ugly. Unfairly. And yet, I don’t feel like I walk around during the day with regrets trailing behind me like mean little shadows. I’m kinda sure I don’t. But, oh, when I wake up, another voice greets me. It says, today is going to be wonderful! You are so loved, so beautiful, so talented, so lucky, so young. You have everything you need. Now, get in there and weigh yourself.

  2. I was in that place in my head last night. Although, I would add “reliving what I would have said to so and so five years ago” to that list.

    Thanks for posting this! It’s nice to know who else is having these thoughts in the wee hours.

  3. I feel guilty laughing at your list. The night stirs so many things up into our conscious mind.

    I am shocked by your girly bed, BUT I have a feeling that if I visited you I would not find your life “badly, sadly decorated” but intriguing, unpredictable, comfortable, and oddly romantic.

  4. Hello Nikki!

    I found your blog via Phil’s Versatile Blogger list. And how glad I am that I did! It’s beautiful. Just as I imagine your home is. But then, I have a strong leaning in the direction of princess beds. I have one myself. Curlicues everywhere.

    This post made me giggle because last night? I had a night JUST LIKE THIS. I was so glad when morning broke and I could stop lying in the dark feeling paranoid.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I know this type of madness. To quiet those voices, I try to drown them out with Law and Order reruns or Top Chef on DVR.

  6. Hilarious! I got up this morning in the mood to be entertained and amused…so glad I chose your blog to read. My husband was trying to talk to me and I kept giggling as I read your post. He finally came over and I read him some of it. Thanks for the fun post.

  7. O! I HATE insomnia and I still want to go back to Macys in NY where I think I lost my old vintage rhinestone earring years ago!!! hehe Who knows, it might still be there!!! Blue rhinestones where are YOU??!!Probably on the horse’s bridle for luck it is! on a carriage?!! HOPE so!

  8. Tricia says:

    I’m sorry that you, too, have insomnia. I try to think of the color pink, or a soothing color, like pink ice cream or clouds. Then I tell myself “don’t think, don’t think.” But I love it that you have a Princessy bed, and red glasses, and give yourself permission to eat ice cream and wear bracelets that you love. These are good things to dream about. Mental lists of the good things.

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