Mental Prayer Flags

June 13th, 2013

web screen windowI admit it — I’m high-maintenance. I don’t like to camp (or at least, I suspect I don’t — I’ve never really tried it.)  I love room service (coffiee in a little pot all my own?!). I don’t like to rough it (maybe because I spent my honeymoon with my husband’s parents and siblings in a concrete floored, spider-ridden house on a Kentucky fishing lake).  Yes, there’s a reason I was a poodle on the test to see which dog you most resemble. Which is either puzzling or explains everything when you consider that I spent most of my childhood without indoor plumbing or air-conditioning. I love good hotels and expensive shoes and everything-cashmere even though I mostly have to admire and walk on by. I’ve been lucky to experience luxury in my life as well as penury, and maybe you need a bit of both if you’re not going to be a complete saint or sinner. But lately I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to make me happy in ways I rarely stop to count. The summer view from an open window with the sound of insects and the wind blowing the curtain back and forth and a vine that’s inched its determined, green way between panes of glass and the screen. Making okra and tomatoes (I’ll master gumbo next). The anticipation of picking the next book for my summer reading assignment once I finish Henry V. A new pedometer. Finally getting one of the town’s big blue bins on wheels that don’t require presorting my  recycling! I know it’s easy for me to appreciate the sweet honey that glues daily life together when things are going well — harder when I’m worried, anxious, depressed with mortality and money and making-do on my mind. And maybe this day, this afternoon, this little list is ephemeral and fragile, but what a luxury.

3 Responses to “Mental Prayer Flags”

  1. Tori Walters says:

    I just got a new pedometer a month ago. Could not find one in a regular running store. I ended up with a Garmin 10 in pink. They have green and black if you’re not a pink girl. Go to Dick’s Sporting. Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that make the difference.

  2. nikki says:

    thanks so much! I bought one from Amazon but don’t like it much. Not to mention it required a blowtorch to open the adult-unfriendly packaging.

  3. V-Grrrl says:

    I am not outdoorsy, the way I was when I was younger, but I remain a nature lover and admirer of small wonders. That’s the joy that stitches my days together. I love cashmere and merino wool, leather handbags, and beautiful dishes. Those are my temptations and my “commercial” joys.

    I’ve never had a professional manicure or pedicure, never had my hair professionally colored. I eat in a restaurants less than once a month, and tend to be very practical about clothes and shoes. Half my furniture was inherited from my parents or bought second-hand.

    Luxury for me is going to a bookstore and buying books or splurging on seeing a movie in theaters. My fantasy is having a cleaning service. I don’t want a bigger house but would love a bigger master bathroom, with a jetted tub. Maybe one day… : )

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