My daughter called me this weekend to tell me she thinks I suffer from ADHD, because I tend to go into a Spinout several times a week. It usually starts out with a task on my to-d0 list that I want to complete but in the course of that, I spin off into multiple other configurations. Say I want to organize my piles of Stuff into file folders. Simple, right? No! First I discover that I don’t need to go Staples before I can even get started. Somehow I spin off into reading old love letters, carrying them into the kitchen, starting to unload the dishwasher, remembering I need to take an antidepressant, realizing I’m out, calling the pharmacy, leaving the house to pick up the prescription, pausing on the way to the car to deadhead a rose bush I left for dead months ago, veering into the back yard to hunt for clippers to do the job properly, pausing to unlock the irrigation box to reset the controls, realizing I left my debit card in the house, going in the back door to get it, seeing the half emptied dishwasher, detouring to finish the job, spotting a recipe I wanted to make, copying down the ingredients for a side trip to the grocery after I finish at the pharmacy…well, you get the picture. Nothing ever seems to get really completed. I always thought I was just lazy, so it comes as a pleasant surprise to think I could just take a pill and start to focus, get things done before a deadline looms, stop agonizing about the existential implications of every little task in front of me instead of just getting started on it. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry and in between I read some old love letters and think maybe I should consider red folders after all.