Lipstick Bravado

September 18th, 2010

What is it about red lipstick? I never wear it. I always thought it was for women with more self-confidence or bigger lips than I have, but today I bought a tube on a whim. And I love it. With this stuff on, I think I could run a company (oops I’ve already done that), get the best table in a restaurant, wear a nipped-in-the-waist suit, write a country western song, not fall down in high heels, be seductive instead of stupidly shy, have a secret and dangerous lust affair, drink port and smoke cigarillos after dinner, lead a revolution, write a erotica or a bodice ripper, not give a fuck, host  a sunday salon of intellectuals, move to Paris, understand Foucault, fall in love with a bullfighter, write a poem like “Howl,”  stride down a street like I own it, live by myself on a houseboat or in the desert, learn to fly a plane (wearing a shearling/leather aviator jacket of course), talk back, be a hermit, be a rock star, be the me that lives under my skin.

2 Responses to “Lipstick Bravado”

  1. Melinda Hanson says:

    you go for it! Amazing how just a little purchase of something you have never had before can make you feel!

  2. Laurie Skiba says:

    Red lipstick! What a Frida thing to do!

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