Lighting a Fire

June 9th, 2010

From the little reading I’ve done on Ayurvedic medicine, I’m pretty sure I lean toward the kapha type and right now I need to find my fire. Lately, I sleep way too much, avoid exercise and feel generally flat and uninterested in things happening around me. My mind wants to hide from the world, while I know my body needs vigorous sweaty stretching and exercise. Given my Puritanical upbringing, I’m quick to accuse myself of laziness, but I really think my whole system — emotional and physical — is totally out of balance. I just signed up for a 30 Days of Yoga home practice to try and find my way out of this mental torpor. It requires a commitment I’m loathe to give because I’d rather stay in bed until 15 minutes before I’m due at work, or sleep the weekend away and my problems with it. My 30 days starts on Saturday. I’ve set an intention (to wake up) and a commitment (to show up), two things that are missing in my life right now. I’ll give you a progress report at some point, but what do you do to wake up your sleeping beauty?

7 Responses to “Lighting a Fire”

  1. Exercise helps me so much, even when it isn’t vigorous. Being outdoors just awakens my senses.

    Music (peppy, not angsty) can also help me shift gears. A beautiful drive with good music and views can refresh me too.

    I trust you’ve already considered medical issues as a source of your malaise? Don’t let your inner Puritan say the way you feel is all your own fault. It may be out of your control.

    Hope you find your way back to a good place mentally and physically.

  2. Christina says:
    Thought of you when I read this…and then read your post… 🙂

  3. nikki says:

    thank you so much…just signed up for the challenge. What synchronicity since I’d already signed up for 30 Days of Yoga.

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing; I’m experiencing much of the same and your shared experience and steps to break out are inspiring and useful.

  5. Connie says:

    I don’t necessarily have an answer, but I do know the most heroic thing I do each day is to wake up and get out of bed. After that the “show up” is easy.

  6. Laura says:

    After reading your post of July 22 and came back to this one regarding “30 Days of Yoga” and interested to know, if you’re willing to share, how you fared with this workshop.

    I’ve spent a good bit of my time on the ground in workshops of all kinds and still find myself with me.

    Enjoy your time in Yosemite; it has so many wonderful experiences to share. Plus the air is soooo fresh – clear and dry.



  7. nikki says:

    Laura, in answer to your question, I proved to be awful at doing yoga on my own! I will have to go back to class since that seems the only way I can get myself to do it. I loved Yosemite and especially the long hikes all over the park.

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