Let’s Go…

April 8th, 2008

  • to the beach to roll around in something dead and fishy
  • to the bank for a drive-through treat and $250 in cash
  • to see my friend Janie, the big dumb blonde lab who likes to lick me all over
  • to Motel 6 where I can smell the dogs who came before me
  • not the to vet who makes me shake all over and not with love
  • to a country where dogs are worshipped–Florida?
  • to the Dollar Store where I tried to go on my own yesterday and some lady told on me and you dragged me back home.
  • to hunt down some cats and whip their asses

One Response to “Let’s Go…”

  1. Rufus-the-Dog says:

    I love this – thoughts that could come from either end of the leash.