Let There Be Light

March 16th, 2011

I’ve lived in my house for about 10 years and never once realized how dark it was. I would visit my daughter on the west coast and berate her for not having enough lamps and yet failed to note how I had to squint to read in my own home, couldn’t quite see the dust ┬ábunnies lurking in the corners and just assumed darkness was my metier. When friends of mine added a bedroom to their house and it was filled with light and lovely lamps, I wondered why I had been depriving myself. But don’t we often do that? Maybe not in a literal way, but our soul secrets languish in darkness because we believe ourselves to be “bad” for having certain thoughts, tendencies or weak spots. For instance, part of me is utterly selfish. How awful, and yet until I bring it to light I can’t understand why or if there is a remedy or even if I want a remedy. When my Shadow comes out of the dark naughty spot, I can welcome it into the family of contradictory feelings, emotions, actions, wishes, desires that comprise my flawed and fatally attractive self. I love my new lights to live by, lights to undress under, lights to reveal all. My stretch marks mean I’m flexible. My wrinkles mean I’ve known anguish and ecstasy, laughed at bad jokes and worshipped the Sun. My aging hands have waved goodbye, wiped bottoms and scrubbed floors, grasped at love that was never meant to last, written a few real words, buttoned and unbuttoned, held too tight and not tight enough. Let there be light — to help us see more clearly, to allow ourselves to be seen, to reveal the hidden corners of our souls.

2 Responses to “Let There Be Light”

  1. edieP says:

    ..that is joke, isn’t it?… all we ever really want is to be seen, heard and loved and yet seek we spend our lives gathering things that will just be be thrown away bu those we leave behind….in the end we have to ask ourselves did anyone really see Me, hear ME or love Me? If the answer is yes then it was a life well lived…

  2. Yvonne says:

    You have made me cry Nikki Hardin. Where did all this truth come from? Thank you for saying the words that were hidden in my shadows.

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