Lauren Hutton’s Hands

November 27th, 2012

I love finding graffiti and random street words that somehow I know will fit a blog post. I can’t even remember when or where I spotted this on the sidewalk, but it suits my mood. Here’s what I need to vent about tonight:

I read an article in a woman’s magazine today about how the newest big thing is plumping up your hands with fat extracted from your ass. (The newest big thing last month in the same magazine was how to get rid of your turkey neck. It involved lots more money than my turtleneck solution.) It made me deeply depressed that I have neither the will nor the necessary ass fat to spare to make my hands look younger. Many years ago when Skirt! was a newish magazine I met Lauren Hutton in Charleston. Of course, I invited her to visit our office never dreaming she would actually do it. The next day, a Saturday, the office was closed but I heard something pinging at our second floor window. Turns out it was Lauren Hutton throwing pepples at the window to get me to unlock the door, and I had a personal visit in which she gave me a makeover with her then-new makeup line, told me that as a single woman I should have a gun, and generally charmed and intimidated the shit out of me. But what I remember most were her hands. They were weathered working hands with short unpolished, maybe-bitten nails. They were real hands — not plumped or manicured. Not lotioned or lasered. I know that was an encounter that she will never remember, but it has remained a touchstone moment for me. I have aging, veiny hands that have sun damage, and I gnaw at my nails, and I often have a Bandaid or two where I’ve chewed on my cuticles. Lauren Hutton is so beautiful and original that she doesn’t have to give a shit about what people think of her, while I’m all too often consumed with worrying about what people think of me. Whenever that social anxiety starts to spiral out of control or I start adding up how much time and money it would cost to look younger, I think about Lauren Hutton’s hands. And then I feel ready to give my own original self more air time, more wrinkled face time, more time to look outward at the amazing world on my doorstep instead of obsessing about the image in my mirror.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. Neck wattle has come up in far too many conversations with peers lately. Such a first world problem, no? I so want to embrace my aging body with grace. But it is not easy when we are bombarded by messages that aging is a problem to be fixed.

  2. nikki says:

    I know … thats why its so important to have role models, even though they’re hard to find as we get older.

  3. Dear Nikki, The good news is I have ass fat to spare. This could be a win-win for you and me, ha ha ha.

    On a serious note, we can pump all the money and fillers into our bodies and faces that we want but nothing is going to reverse the clock. Let’s be honest, what I fear isn’t being unattractive, it’s being lonely or incapacitated or seriously ill. My veiny hands and papery skin frighten me for that reason.

  4. nikki says:

    I so agree…!!!

  5. As usual I am in sync with your musings.

    A few years ago an artist whom I deeply respect told me he loved my veiny, not manicured, scarred not perfect hands and I have forever since then looked at them in a new way.

  6. nikki says:

    so glad to hear from you!

  7. Mary McDaniel says:

    I wish you wrote more often! Your words express my feelings exactly at such weird and random moments.

  8. nikki says:

    I am making a resolution blog and Tweet more often! Something is missing when I don’t but I have to depend on taking good photos too, so that’s going to be part of my mission. Thanks so much!

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