Kicking 60’s Ass

September 13th, 2009

I understand that my bones are getting more frail as I age and that I’m finally paying the price for hating milk from childhood on…but dear god, no one told me I would start getting advice about wearing sensible shoes from almost everyone I know. Today I dropped off a new pair of 3 3/4-inch Tory Burch heels to be stretched a bit before I wear them, and Alex, the shoe guy, suggested taking an inch off them for me! I agree that Tevas, Keens, Merrills and Chacos are safe and comfortable and not horribly ugly, but when I put them on, I’m always afraid I’ll start talking to strangers about fiber supplements and Medicare. My 5 year old granddaughter picked out a pair of lace-up high tops for her first day of kindergarten this week and called them her “power shoes,” because they would make her strong and keep her safe in her new school. Well, I need some power shoes for this new phase of my life, too, so I can kick ass in my 60’s. Shoes that make me feel invincible instead of invisible. Maybe Alex came up with the right compromise — a little less dangerous but still standing tall.

One Response to “Kicking 60’s Ass”

  1. susanna says:

    Hah! Well, this has me grinning. I turned 40 in August and promised myself that I would NEVER EVER EVER wear high heels again. That and thongs. My husband may be grieving now but hey, I can walk! without pain!

    But you go ahead and wear the shoes that make YOU feel powerful. 🙂