Je t’aime Tahiti

October 2nd, 2007

Actually I don’t know if je t’aime Tahiti because I haven’t been there, but je t’aime the idea of this bungalow with a private pool. Je t’aime saving for a first class ticket and being out of cell phone and computer range (is that possible?) and reading and sleeping all the way there. Je t’aime being sans my usual persona. Je t’aime the idea of one more tattoo…this time a Polynesian one. Je t’aime black pearls, hot sand, privacy, maybe not speaking to a single soul the whole time. Je t’aime ROOM SERVICE. Je don’t t’aime being surrounded by honeymooners and the possibility of a South Pacific tsunami. (I’m not sure which would be worse.) Je don’t t’aime a cruise on a glass bottom boat or site-seeing or learning to surf. Je t’aime deep sleep, Gauguin dreams, secret guiltless tanning. Je t’aime leaving my self-conscious self at home.

2 Responses to “Je t’aime Tahiti”

  1. the saint says:

    tahiti is much like timbuktu or bora bora. i imagine that gauguin felt similarly. it was well known that he could not stand the cold and often pleaded with van gogh to escape with him. my understanding was that he died penniless and mostly alone. i too love the idea of paradise whether it is outside of my window or only an inch or so behind my corneas.

    Solomon Burke sings about “A Diamond in Your Mind.”

    Dorothy had it almost right “There’s no place like home.” But where is that? Her little shack in Kansas was only a metaphor. There’s no place like coffee with a friend who thinks you are great and you never knew it. There’s no place like Peppermint Patties lined up for days. There’s no place like the NY Mets crying like babies and the Phillies crying because miracles can happen. There’s no place like waking up a realizing that the world is your oyster and that happiness may lie in finding a pearl or just that it is not full of mud and overcooked.

    Je t’aime “je t’aime.”

    the saint

  2. Kelly Love says:

    Tonight (Mon Oct 15) at 10pm: Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel is on French Polynesia. The preview looked awesome.

    I just read this month’s O mag and Oprah said she spent A MONTH in Hawaii for some R&R and no working. And it took her 14 days to feel like she was back to her old self.