It Words

April 4th, 2008
This book never fails to inspire me. When I page through it, I can sense areas of my brain lighting up with excitation and inspiration. Do it, write it, make it, paint it. My brain doesn’t quite know what to do with itself when it gets that turned on by someone’s brilliant idea. It wants one of its own. It bemoans its lack of one. It can’t settle down. It roams around the bookshelves looking for snacks…Louis IV, Appalachian short stories, a pop-up book, poetry, meditation? My brain loves a surprise, an epiphany, a discovery of someone or some thing unpredictable, unexpected. And then I have to let it race around the room in a state of hyperjoy until I can figure out how to harness it for my own work.

One Response to “It Words”

  1. Rufus-the-Dog says:

    Sounds really interesting – I just ordered myself a copy!