Introvert Alert

September 3rd, 2010

Are you thrilled that we’re at Friday? Not only Friday but a 3-day weekend? I’m sure that if I were on a perpetual 3-day weekend I would get bored (really?) and have to come up with a project to break the lovely leisure, but right now I am so excited to have a stack of books, a Tempurpedic mattress and plenty of Prosecco. I will take a walk on the beach and love every sandy moment. I’ll give my hair a deep moisturizing treatment and shave my legs. Ideally, there would be a thunderstorm, but if we don’t get one, I’ll turn on the White Noise app on my iPhone and pretend it’s raining outside while I’m reading inside.  I’ll make up another bag of clothes I don’t wear but am saving for when I’m a bag lady during the 2nd Great Depression and give them away. Goodbye, cheesy black lace Libertine skirt I bought at Target! What was I thinking? Next weekend I’m traveling to take this workshop and will need to pack my extrovert side, so this weekend is all for being a happy hermit. After years of wishing I could be more like my high-alert friends, I’ve finally learned that I need to balance being around people and trying new experiences with periods of being quiet and alone and recharging what has been depleted.

2 Responses to “Introvert Alert”

  1. Diane says:

    What an ideal weekend you have planned. You are covering so many of the bases: books, body, wine, hair, making space, making quiet. Love it. If I couldn’t get a rainy day, I would definitely want at least a seriously cloudy, gray day. Sunshine is getting on my nerves lately. It’s starting to seem loud and showy and overdone. Too much the extreme extrovert of weather here in early September.

  2. If the class is a bust, come down my way (I’m an hour south) and we’ll sit on my deck and tell stories.

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