If I Were 3 Years Old Again…

December 16th, 2007

* I would fingerpaint my way into adulthood.
* I would plant my feet and not be moved.
* I would resist being a good girl.
* I would talk back early and often.
* I would graduate from high school as early as I could, because it’s the most boring and pointless institution ever invented.
* I wouldn’t worry one single day about what They think of me.
* I would explore every corner of America.
* I wouldn’t confuse my soul with my ego.
* I would to go to the movies more often.
* I would make friendship my career.
* I would learn to grow my own food.
* I would choose instead of being chosen.

One Response to “If I Were 3 Years Old Again…”

  1. LTWebber says:

    ooh! I really like ” I would make friendship my career”. Theres never enough time for that, is there?