Patina, Please.

June 3rd, 2010

I love the app that lets me take an ordinary photo and give it a vintage twist. At the same time, it makes me feel a bit guilty. Instead of waiting for magic-hour light, I used technology to give it a golden patina. In reality, the peonies are falling apart rather unphotogenically and the pot of brushes has been sitting there unused for way too long. I wish there were an app that could give my life this soft glow. Round off the awkward corners, smooth the rough spots, make it look like a series of scenes from an illuminated manuscript. Instead, my life has its fair share of awkward moments — a cluttered counter instead of this peaceful tableau, clean sheets piled on the table waiting to be folded, a dying basil plant. But in my mind’s eye, I see the romantically swooning peonies, old light slanting through the shutters and just-used paintbrushes instead neglected tools. Am I cheating by settling for wanna-be reality? Taking the easy way out? Or maybe it’s okay to try and turn the unremarkable into the rememorable now and then.

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