In my daughter’s absence, her border collie has transferred his total abject slavering loyalty to me. Not because I give off dog-person vibes, but because I’m The Keeper of the Throw Stick and Ball. I’m a benevolent dictator with one subject. In return for my throwing a ball to him about 655 times a day, he shadows me 24/7. He fetches, barks at strangers and even knows how to open and close doors (handles only, knobs are beyond him). If he had opposable thumbs I think I could teach him how to braid hair and run the vacuum cleaner…as long as a ball toss was the reward. The funny thing is that even though I’m the most distractable and impatient person possible, I find myself calming down as I repeat the throw over and over and over. I envy the single-minded joy that ripples through Scout’s body when he chases the ball as if it were the first time instead of the thousandth. His focus is total, his pursuit passionate, even when the ball gets lost in the underbrush or woods. It’s in his DNA, and he never loses sight of the goal. I want to have the same commitment to my work and pure pleasure in the doing of it instead of dreading it or debating whether it’s worth doing.

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  1. Back in the bitter cold of January, I was adopted by a white and tan stray that turned up on my deck. It had been a few years since I’d had a dog and I didn’t want one, but as soon as he walked into my life, I melted. He inspires me with his relentless JOY in life, and because of him, I get outside and walk every day, rain or shine, no excuses. Good for my body, good for my soul. : )

  2. Charné says:

    How wonderful! Reminds me of my cockatoo Cheeky. Whenever I’m on the trampoline or stepper (which inevitably leads to pain……….) she always sees the fun in the activity, jumping up and down with me_and she has GREAT rhythm by the way! She can do this for HOURS… little gym partner :)))

  3. Kristin says:

    Sounds like you need a Scout in your life!

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