May 22nd, 2008
I just bought a book called Only 127 Things You Need: A Guide to Life’s Essentials. I was very hopeful that it would provide an organizational structure for my chaotic fucked up daily life (as demonstrated in this excerpt from my so-called planner). Instead it includes things like a firm mattress, a good black dress and preventive medicine. That’s IT? Really…that’s it? The Magic 8 Ball would have worked just as well. So I’m starting a list of NONessentials that make me happy even when my life is falling apart. Feel free to chime in with contributions:

1. Rosa Faia Active bra

2. free wifi

3. Chlorox wipes

4. remote control ceiling fans

5. Rotring pens

6. Baggu bags

7. Renova

8. Cellex C High Potency Serum

9. GUM floss sticks

10. Woolford tights

11. Moleskine notebooks–duh

12. Gel pens

13. iPhone

14. PicPads

15. Nordic Naturals fish oil

16. making Gocco prints

17. screening calls

18. Design for Mankind ezines

19. Julie Hewett lip balm

20. New MOO cards

21. Bigfoot–I know you’re out there.

22. watching banana tree leaves unfurl

23. gardenias

24. “Ithaka” by Cavafy

25. naan bread

4 Responses to “Help!”

  1. Kelly Love says:


    Thursday night must see TV


    Cleaning lady


    Manicures and pedicures

    Spooney Wearever pajamas

  2. Grateful Girl says:

    I bought the same book! and was equally disappointed! I like your list much better.

  3. kris says:

    ipod on an all song shuffle

    L’Occitane lavendar anything

    soft surroundings big shirt

    handmade paper

    any art supply store

  4. nativekee says:

    great pens
    smooth paper
    good kisses
    stars in a crystal clear sky
    cashmere, fine cotton, silk
    great photography & home books/ mags
    that share someone else's ideas of

    love the list 🙂