Hello, Sunday

September 13th, 2009

“Someday, any day, now, if we are faithful to attend, something will reach out to us, a figure in a painting, sunlight on a door, a place in a dream, and it will woo us toward change, offering us, as well, the energy to make the change. These are transforming and energizing symbols, graceful fugitives coming to us from the Center of Everything!”
(from ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE, Marv & Nancy Hiles)

I stumbled across Sacred Life Sunday on a couple of blogs, but I’m too lazy/disorganized to join the list. I’m trying, though, to dedicate Sundays to being a pause, a stop-time before Monday time commences, and to make a conscious attempt to carve a spot of sacred space out of the day, even if it’s just reading something that makes a sound like church bells in my mind, like the passage above.