Happy FridaDay!

July 6th, 2010

It’s the birth anniversary of Frida Kahlo…patron saint of this website, so I had my high school portrait photoshopped in her honor. She wasn’t classically beautiful — after all, how many fashion magazines celebrate the unibrow and faint mustache? — and yet she was riveting because of her talent and her deep personailty. To me, she’s every woman who might decide to be an ugly duckling, who creates despite or because of her suffering, who has the capacity for big love even if it’s not predictable or traditional. Recently I was flagellating myself in retrospect because all the men I’ve been involved with were just plain wrong for me. And yet, and yet …. sometimes there’s a soul ┬ámate you can’t live with in the usual two-car garage, PTA way, but who you will never forget and never regret. Why try to discount it or write it off as “dysfunctional?” Why not accept that he or she birthed a part of you that otherwise would have died or lain dormant? That’s what Frida means to me — the potential realized, the wildness recognized, the life unapologized.

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  1. I think it’s hard to know when a man is right for you, and I think no man is going to be the perfect partner in every age and stage of life.

    Some relationships go dormant and reawaken in ways that no one recognizes except the people involved. And seemingly “perfect” relationships end for reasons no one can understand.

    I think the search for “Mr. Right” is a waste of time, but I admire people (like Frida) who are willing to love on their own terms.

  2. gloria says:

    How really neat. That is a great idea. You look great. Yes Happy Birthday to Frida. Please stop by and see my tribute. Have a great week.

  3. AwwWWWW! I missed Frida Day! Love your pic, in high school all my girlfriends tried to talk me into shaping my brows! I never did! They were ALMOST unibrow but thick!Here’s to thick and unruly eyebrows which I am losing this week because of the darn chemo and radiation ZAPS!

  4. Awesomeness to the pic!
    And to your missive about relationships. They are much on my mind lately. I’m tending to agree with you: why self-flagellate? Why not just enjoy the richness of a past full of interesting men?

    Hmmm. I rephrase my romantic history in that way and it becomes a whole different beast. A much more appealing one.


  5. julianna says:

    nikki, this went straight to my soul & comforted me–thank you for writing it.

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