Grasshopper Girl

August 18th, 2010

The heating/AC guy came today to check out my system and recommended I put more insulation in my attic. To cut back on my utility bills and help save the planet. But $1300 is a trip to London, and I think of my mom who was so practical all her life and never got farther from Kentucky than the East Coast ocean when she came to visit me. Even though she could have taken a trip to Ireland, which she longed to see all her life, she never dared. So she ended up safe and secure in assisted living but never got beyond her home town in so many ways, both geographical and emotional. I want to go back to Borough Market, visit the Dennis Severs house, wander the Tate, sit in a pub and write in my journal, but it feels so grasshopperish, which is my true nature. I have all bills on automatic pay, keep my house in good repair, recycle, pay my taxes, look for ways to economize, but oh how I long to hop off to London with new shoes on my Grasshopper feet instead of blowing insulation into my attic like a good little Ant. And at the same time, my shy, retiring Ant side is not unhappy to stay home in bed and read novels about England instead of actually buying the ticket, packing the bag and hopping a plane.

3 Responses to “Grasshopper Girl”

  1. SIGH! I long for a trip too or a good road trip! I don’t know exactly where I want to go, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, Greece or maybe Mexico for all the colors! Maybe YOU should do that insulation if it saves$$$$$$ sooOOo YOU will have more$$$$$$ for next year! hmmmmmm unless London is really calling your name this yeaR!

  2. But you’ve been to London before, right? (Personally, I think London is a bit overrated. PARIS on the other hand…)

    Let’s see, if you save money on your utilities you might recoup some of the investment and have money for travel. Can you charge the cost of the insulation and earn points toward air travel (which is how I fund most of my plane tickets and hotel rooms)? Or, better yet, can you buy a roll or two of insulation and skip the damn spray stuff and just insulate the attic yourself? It’s mostly an unpleasant job, not a difficult one. How bad do you want to go to London?

    (When I was a teen, I helped my dad insulate the attic.)

  3. Go. Now. Don’t look back.

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