Goodnight Moon

August 20th, 2010

I read today that the moon is shrinking and that Barnes & Noble is up for sale. I know there are more urgent problems in the world (like Sarah Palin’s shrinking IQ and expanding ego being in charge of our future), but I just cannot handle a diminished moon and no shelves of books to lose myself in on a Sunday afternoon. We’ve ¬†already lost handwritten letters, and printing out emails for posterity doesn’t have the same feel without the eccentric handwriting, different textures of paper, colorful stamps. I have a cigar box with a bundle of pale blue airmail love letters written by two different men from two different countries in a long-ago summer, and they still exude a bit of moonlight and wantonness when I come across them and open the lid. So I don’t want to think of the moon forever waning or sexting replacing love letters or books becoming museum exhibits — even though I’m the most gadget-crazy person I know. I still need the mystery of love and mysteries published on paper and a moon so full and ripe it renders me speechless with awe.

3 Responses to “Goodnight Moon”

  1. I have boxes and boxes of letters. There is something lovely and special about them. I miss the intimacy of recognizing the handwriting of family members and friends.

  2. ~Kristina says:

    Yes Please! I love the smell of ink on paper. Nothing replaces the printed word..and the moon had best shine bright in the sky.

  3. evabakes says:

    What’s more scary than Palin’s shrinking IQ is the amount of people who think she’s the second coming(I’m at my desk gagging with vomit in my mouth at the thought !). I keep every card I’ve ever gotten , and every letter ever recieved , especially from my Oma in Germany, who, even though she has a computer , insists that email is evil !!

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