Get Fired Up!

March 23rd, 2009

When I go to work in the morning, I’m loaded up like a pack mule. I don’t want to haul my sizable ass and three bags full of books, products to photograph, laptop, glass (not plastic) microwavable lunch bowls, workout clothes, makeup (if there’s an event), 3 Moleskine notebooks (personal, planner and professional), stainless steel water bottle (or plastic if I’m lazy) and maybe my big heavy hardcover idea book (if I’m feeling creative) up four flights of stairs. So I take the elevator up, stairs down. But tonight I thought I would surely ignite from work-related stress, so when I saw this sign, I thought, “Stairs? What about the window? What if my head catches on fire from angry spontaneous subcutaneous combustion? What would happen if I just walked out and started driving west?” I love to play with that idea, imagine the road unwinding behind me, but pretty soon I realize my ATM will only get me about 600 miles and then I would end up in Kentucky where I started out. We’re all over a barrel if we work for someone else or we’re not living off the grid raising our own vegetables and getting our power from solar panels. Everyone I know is facing wage cuts, furloughs, hiring freezes, but what can we do about it? Where are we going to go? Most people will end up working like indentured servants instead of resigning. Instead, we’ll just become resigned to a fear-based life of deadening jobs that provide health insurance. We are going to be too scared to take risks, too scared we’ll lose our houses, too scared of our own shadows to see a silver lining. ┬áLet’s make a pact–no matter how scared we get, let’s remember what it feels like to be free spirits. We’ll need our wings again some day.

4 Responses to “Get Fired Up!”

  1. sacredgypsy says:

    I have battled the desire to point my car west and step on the gas all of my life, and like you the bank account says NO! Now I am unemployed and trying to stay positive, not be scared. The bright side is I have been given the gift of time and must put it to good use. Thanks so much for blogging what is in your head and heart,it is inspiring!

  2. Di Mackey says:

    You know what though … I loved your description of all that you haul to work. Just loved it! It was so very cool actually.

  3. Allegra Smith says:

    Ah, to be a monk on a lonely road with only a rice bowl. I don’t know how to wrap my mind around the “culture” we have created filled with fear, while the Calibans travel in their private planes, away from The Tempest they leave for us behind to deal with.

    We must fight the emotional need to surrender. To hell with the greedy bastards I say, to hell with them. If we give up, they win. So let’s fight them with the only weapon we have: our need to believe that we are better than the life they condemned so many to live because of their inhumanity.
    Lets believe that this is a short trip to despair and not a life long commitment. To hell I said, and first row center for all of them.

  4. Travelingforeverandever says:

    Frida, check this out. Our goddaughter decided to quit her job and take flight around the world. Now she is teaching a yoga retreat in Bali and just did a month in Mysore. Let’s do the next retreat together with other friends – it is not only yoga and very affordable!! How is that for a free spirit?