From Here to There

January 23rd, 2011

Today I managed to make my way to the Tate Modern despite a partial Tube shutdown and not really knowing where the hell I was going or how the buses worked. So I ended up spending an inordinate amount of money on a cab because I just HAD to get there.  As always, it was delicious to see so many people tasting, spitting out, swallowing,digesting art. Trying it on. Kids lying on the floor drawing. I  stood and drank a glass of red wine while looking across the river at St. Paul’s and then wandered. When I was in the Robert Frank room, a phrase on one of his contact sheets from The Americans jumped out at me…”still looking for desire.” Because I am, too. I wrote it down in my journal and then went into one of the Tate’s adjacent film alcoves. This one was showing something called “The History of Nothing,” and it was a dark, shadowed closet with the screen dark too, but just inside the door in the empty room, a couple, anonymous and shadowy, was embracing and kissing. Finding desire. It was the accidental perfect moment that made the whole difficult trip worthwhile. Like the Barbara Kruger Tube map, my journey was mental, emotional, psychic, sensual. And worth every penny.

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  1. That’s one of those moments that underscores the feeling that there is mystery and synchronicity in the way the world works.

    The Tube always has stations closed. On one of our trips to London, the closed station was the one nearest our hotel. Had to drag our luggage all the way across Hyde Park and then some to get where we were going. If I’d met a homeless person with a shopping cart, I would have paid him/her to borrow it.

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