Friday Night in Fridaville

August 9th, 2013

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Even though I work from home now, I’m still on weekday/weekend time, and I love Friday nights. They’re full of promise and anticipation even when I don’t have anything special planned. It still feels as if something unexpected and exciting could occur. Like meeting a stranger who turns out to be my soul mate. Or getting a brilliant idea that could completely turn my life around. Or being invited to a party where I’ll magically turn into an interesting extrovert and be asked to host my own TV show. But what I love best are Quiet Fridays. When I have a glass of wine (Ferrari-Carano fume blanc), download a new book to my Kindle  (The Game of Thrones) and have one of my favorite single-people dinners (tuna salad on Saltines). Yes, I envy my friends who live in New York City, where you can just step outside your apartment and be immediately immersed in city life, crowds and culture. Where there’s always a ballet being danced, an art exhibit being opened, a happy hour on every corner. I envy that a lot. But in Fridaville, I don’t have to strive, achieve, accomplish, succeed or exceed expectations. I don’t have to wish I were living in Marfa, TX, or flying to London or catching a sold-out once-in-a-lifetime concert. I can just meet myself at the junction of Tried and True in the middle of Nowhere and sit on the porch with my wine. Sometimes it’s just enough.

2 Responses to “Friday Night in Fridaville”

  1. Diane says:

    Ah. This sounds so right, so perfect. And your description of this Friday pleasure actually relaxes me – except for the part about the porch, which reminds me that I don’t have a porch and probably never will. (Okay. That part makes me a little anxious and makes me want to be at YOUR house!) Even though I’m now retired, Friday nights still have power and, like you, I love that sense of anticipation, of settling into an empty weekend where anything might happen . . . and you know something will, even if it’s simply the pleasure of time out – moving slowly and taking a deep breath. Hooray for Friday nights!

  2. Kristin says:


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