Frida Found

October 7th, 2008

Maybe it’s coincidence but I prefer to think it’s synchronicity. Yesterday some wonderful anonymous person sent me a new Frida plate to replace the one I lost at the Outstanding in the Field community dinner — thank you whoever you are!– and a co-worker came back from a vacation in San Francisco and brought me a Frida magnet and a Frida shopping bag from the show that just closed at SFMOMA. A total Frida Day from start to finish, and I know there’s a sign in there for me. Perhaps it’s a message to walk the walk instead of just having a Frida fan site. To create something. To repurpose sadness. To think about what it would really truly mean to live passionately, a phrase that has been so overused as to become meaningless. Lots of food for thought on that Frida plate.

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