First Day of Winter

December 21st, 2008

Every year when this day rolls around, I wish I’d scheduled a party to celebrate the coming return of the light. Although it’s the shortest day of the year–a time to turn on porch lights, set off fireworks, burn candles–I know that from now on the sun will linger a tiny bit longer each day. I’m reading a book about creating a more meaningful relationship with time, kind of like the slow food movement for our internal clocks. I always intend to mark solstices or the changing seasons in some special way, but I’m so divorced from the natural scheme of things and so ruled by artificial time that they usually pass me by unremembered.  But today I’ve been quietly hibernating, lighting spruce-scented candles, making soup. I’ve actually managed to continue my meditation practice (!) and today I had less trouble pulling my wandering mind back to attention–or maybe I was just less judgmental. And I’m taking two weeks of unused vacation time to burrow into my home, read books as late into the night as I want, spend the day in pajamas, create a personal pause in this year full of worry and uncertainty — and maybe store up some strength and inspiration for the year to come. 

3 Responses to “First Day of Winter”

  1. mary ann says:

    I’ll be hanging with you on the west coast doing the exact same thing. so glad i found you this year. your writing always leaves me in thoughtful reverie.

  2. Allegra Smith says:

    The magic of snow is keeping me in as well. We are covered, and while my heart truly goes to those who have to find shelter from the storm, the some times forgotten child within me has kept a vigil from window to window up and down the house, warming the hummingbird feeders, refilling the other bird feeders and wondering about the magic of the silence that plays like a sonata with the help of the wind.

    Be warm and safe, the world outside can be both beautiful and treacherous. The old Muguet candles are burning here, a reminder of a Spring that for sure will come.

  3. notmassproduced says:

    yes please – more inspiring words and pictures from you next year.