Feed Me!

July 13th, 2008

I woke up with compost on my mind today. For the past couple of years I’ve ignored the two big flower beds outside my bedroom and office windows. They’re barren except for a young, stuggling cherry tree, a rosemary that thrives in spite of my neglect and a Martha Stewart KMart rose that puts out some gorgeous blooms every year and then goes into a funk and languishes, dropping sad yellow leaves all summer. I’ve planted things helter skelter and then taken only sporadic care of them. In my life, I’ve done the same thing. Had some good ideas, planted them and then forgot they need to be fed and watered. I dug holes this afternoon, amended the soil and planted a gardenia, a banana tree and a hibiscus, whose blooms under the sprinkler looked like bridesmaids caught in a rainshower. I was so inspired, I took some photos with the camera I’ve been thinking of selling because it’s capabilities exceed my skills and then worked on a new page in my journal–amending the soil.

3 Responses to “Feed Me!”

  1. Pat says:

    I have come to read your blog via dispatchfromla…..and am not disappointed. I love your writing, your humor, your music! I’m sure to be reading your blog over and over. Thanks for writing it….oh yes, I think we have the same gardening style! Pat

  2. dragonflyreflections says:

    The only things that grow well in my garden are weeds, but I keep trying and I definitely applaud your renewed enthusiasm! Maybe it’s contagious?

  3. mary ann says:

    “looked like bridesmaids caught in a rainshower”

    mmmmmmmm a beautiful image captured in words AND with your camera.
    we can’t feed and water everything. but this is how we build a life isn’t it? with BIG ideas and a lot of hope.