Eyes Wide Open

July 22nd, 2012

I read a quote recently by the legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser that goes, “We are always looking, but we never really see.”  I know that’s the case with me. I’m usually blinded to the world by my own daily worries or self-obsession. I walk by this scruffy yellow jessamine vine by my gate every day coming and going, and every now and then, I think, “I should do something about my crappy yard.” But then inertia takes over and something else is always more pressing money-wise, so the vine just hangs on despite me. It neither thrives nor withers, and I’m always pleasantly surprised when it faithfully blooms every year with no help from me. I don’t know what made me look more closely the afternoon I took this photo, but suddenly I noticed the  lace-like shadows woven by sunlight and leaves on the fence as I was coming home. This overlooked, ignored part of my world quietly creating a work of art.  How many people or places do I pass every day and fail to recognize their intrinsic beauty?

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  1. steph says:

    loved this one. so true

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