End of Summer

September 19th, 2011

This is the first new bathing suit I’ve had in years. Its retro style reminds me of Marilyn Monrow, the ’60s, bathing caps covered with rubber flowers. When I put it on, I feel curvy and lush. It makes me think of deep blue swimming pools, deeply tanned lifeguards, the smell of Coppertone and a transistor radio somewhere playing Bobby Darin singing “Beyond the Sea.” I’m often drawn to clothing that evokes some kind of eerie sense memory, and usually it’s those purchases that I hang on to the longest. Like a leather bomber jacket or a black velvet dress that makes me feel just a tiny bit louche. When that happens, I’m not just wearing a piece of clothing, but also an era, a state of mind, the music that haunts it, the yearning to be transformed.

One Response to “End of Summer”

  1. I have a similar suit in a deep chocolate brown, and I feel good in it too. When I was younger, I felt a more profound connection with my clothes. Now it’s rare for me to feel like an item of clothing expresses something important and intangible about me or transports me to a better state of mind. Jewelry feels more, personal and important to me. And my cowboy boots. And the cozy plaid wool men’s coat that I bought on clearance last year and wear when I’m schlepping around.

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