October 13th, 2010

At dusk, the setting sun bathed us in an opalescent light, like the lining of an abalone shell. For a breath-holding moment, the sky and wavelets along the beach turned pink, and the ocean-bound container ship took on the glamour of a tramp steamer in the mist. Maybe headed to China or Fiji or Easter Island or back in time. I wanted to be on it, going anywhere but here, being anyone but me, feeling anything but sad. I wanted to lean on the railing and watch the land disappear and not know my destination but be deep-down sure it was going to be life-changing. For just a minute. Then the light changed, and night began to move in on our picnic and Prosecco and my soul fell back into my body. But for a beautiful brief moment I was between Here and There, just dreaming.

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  1. Claire says:

    “Like the lining of an abalone shell” Beautiful and dreamy words, perfect for the moment.

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