Double Dog Dare You

August 25th, 2010

This week I took a step outside my comfort zone (which is always set at about 80 degrees) by submitting an essay to a writing competition run by a national magazine. Regardless of the fact that I started my own local magazine, I still break out in a sweat to think of sending my work out to a larger venue. After all, isn’t that why I started my own publication — to avoid rejection? I always accept anything I submit to myself!  And then a friend emailed me the link to the competition with the message “Today’s the deadline–do it.”  My first reaction was that there was no way I could write 1500 words off the top of my head in an afternoon. But I feel like I’m saying “no” way too much lately. And I needed a challenge, so why not try? Why not try and not tell anyone in case I couldn’t pull it off? Why not try it, submit it and not tell anyone in case I didn’t win? But in the end it was such a win for me just to prove to myself I could do it that I felt like I was walking on air after I emailed it off to the magazine running the competition. I didn’t go on a safari, I didn’t run for office, I didn’t learn how to parasail. I just hit “Send” and that was huge for me. What is “daring” for you?

8 Responses to “Double Dog Dare You”

  1. Diane says:

    Yes, that’s a HUGE win, Nikki! Congratulations! It’s like you decided to get in the game instead of explaining why sitting on the sidelines makes the most sense (no stupid uniform, no practice drills, no threat of injury, etc.). I do a lot of that . . . developing lists of reasons that particular endeavors aren’t really worth the effort. In the end, I believe that NOT daring can be as exhausting and scary as daring. And the chance to get that walking-on-air feeling? I want that.

  2. Val Palk says:

    I came across your blog this morning (when I should be working) and had to tell you how interesting and entertaining it is. The post about wanting to travel but being responsible and taking care of sensible but boring matters really hit home with me; and yet I too am content to spend time with my photography, weekend trips to the country to take more pix and, above all, my hundreds of books.

  3. ca says:

    This matches a bit with Di Mackey’s Patti Digh poem of 8/26. Both touch me and give me courage. Today I begin a new journey. Fearful, but hopeful.
    Thank you. You are always a cool drink of water for me.

  4. Libby says:

    Nikki…you inspire me every day!!! I love your blog and hope I am lucky enough to get to meet you someday soon.

  5. nikki says:

    Thanks, so much, Libby1

  6. nikki says:

    Katie, let me know about your new journey when you’re ready to reveal. N

  7. m. heart says:

    That’s a big deal! I should know, I’ve been terrified of doing the same thing for years now! Congrats!

  8. Daring to submit art for consideration in a juried exhibit was huge for me. So was daring to set up a booth at a market and sell my cards.

    I’m a self taught artist, and tend to discount the value of what I do. Reaching a point where I could let other people decide whether or not my work was worthy of their time/money was huge.

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