Deer in Headlights

January 25th, 2010

I was terrified about presenting a slide show at our local Pecha Kucha … 20 slides, 20 seconds each so you have only that tiny slice of time to make your point. You can view mine by bringing up the You Tube video on the sidebar–it started off a little rough but picked up speed and went over well. It was a sold-out house — 350 people — and usually I panic in front of a crowd. But this time I overprepared, rehearsed the narration a million times, had a friend give me feedback and kept tweaking it til two hours beforehand. Rehearsing it out loud over and over helped me almost memorize it, but the best part was the slide show because it anchored me and calmed me (in addition to the beta blocker I took beforehand!). It made me realize how, although I’m no artist or photographer, having a visual component to my writing is so exciting and inspiring to me. I loved “storyboarding” my ideas in a primitive method of using a desk blotter monthly calendar and filling in the squares with my ideas for each slide. Then moving the slides around and timing and editing the script was incredibly satisfying in a different way than writing is for me. The whole process opened so many doors in my brain. As soon as I can conquer Keynote and iMovie, I want to take a digital storytelling workshop and make a little 3 minute “movie-ette.” Not for any particular reason but just to tell a story in a different way. It makes me sad that in the past I’ve said a mental “no” to things I’ve wanted to pursue because I didn’t know enough or couldn’t be the best at it or thought it wasn’t worth doing if I couldn’t make money at it. What have you been postponing out of fear or inertia or perfectionism?

7 Responses to “Deer in Headlights”

  1. stephanie says:

    Brava brava, Nikki! May we always have windshield tomatoes, incredible editors, bold friends and propananol. Here's to the bus.

    your devoted and grateful fan

  2. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios says:

    Your slides were great! I loved your catchphrases, especially "get on the bus."

    Good for you for stepping up and stepping out with this.

  3. seastararts says:

    What 3 printers from ebay did you buy? something cool? fun that you could youtube! thanks!

  4. Nikki Hardin says:

    Gocco printers are like miniature manual screenprinting machines. Unfortunately the Japanese company that made them quit doing it and so you kind of have to scrounge for supplies. As usual for me, the idea of it was more enticing than the reality, but I have an artist friend who is getting good use from them.

  5. seastararts says:

    sounds exciting! let me know when you have a "gocco day" and have wine and printers so we can come up with some cool stuff! especially when the tv isnt working 😉

  6. Heather Solos says:

    Nikki, you did a great job. It was very nice to meet you and speaking always makes me want to hurl or wet my pants. Thankfully I've yet to actually do either.