Dear Shadow,

July 8th, 2008

I hope you get this letter with no stamp on it. I’m sorry I kept trying to break up with you. I’ve denied you so many times, and yet you contain some of the best parts of me, bits and pieces I decided couldn’t play a starring role in my life: ambition; lust; autonomy; power; strength; independence; aggressiveness; anger; spontaneity. If I had let you on stage, I think I would have been happier or at the very least, less passive, less wishy-washy, more decisive. If I’d loved you more, I’d have been able to love more. If I’d taken you to dinner more often, I wouldn’t be so hungry. If I’d put you to work, I’d have more energy. I promise to let you talk, take you for a walk, to stop being afraid of the dark.

2 Responses to “Dear Shadow,”

  1. india says:

    i found your blog today and am… well many things! first jealous, because you articulate fridaville with such essence, style and grace. she is the patron saint of all that is to me and your rendition of living there is heavenly! second, celebrating the synchronicity of your thinking and mine. it is so comforting to find those that make you feel not so gonzo! had i the umph to have a blog, you would assume i was stealing! finally,excited. your’s is the very first blog i have subscribed to and the first one to ever post on. can’t wait to wake up to find new posts to start my day! posted on this date as it is my birthday….. won’t be so long winded in the future and looking forward to that book you should write!

  2. Kathleen Botsford says:

    Wow. Speechless again. Seems you know my shadow too.