In the Dark of December

December 5th, 2014

Back Camera

December is the month of light. Lights to illuminate the longest night of the year. Lights to summon the return of the sun.  Porch lights to pull us safely home. Twinkle lights to celebrate the childhood eagerness we never quite extinguish no matter how successful, ironic or cynical we become. Moonlight to remind us that we’re surrounded by mystery even under the fluorescent glow of science. Northern lights to make the sky dance. Candlelight to soften the edges of reality. Star light  to navigate through unknown seas. Night lights to say it’s alright when we wake up alone. Fireworks to make us look up in awe. The personal camp fires we build to ward off  the unknown and dangerous. What’s out there in the dark? What’s inside us in the dark? December, in the deepest, bleakest, secret night, turns on our lights. Inside and out.

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