Daffodils in the Kitchen

February 3rd, 2008
My kitchen is still torn apart, no stove, paint daubs all over the walls where I’ve been testing colors, lighting still not installed. But I have a vase of daffodils on the counter. Every time I walk by there is a faint green scent of earth and leaves coming from their direction. Like a song you’ve heard before but whose title eludes you, just out of reach. I’ve been using a new shampoo for a few weeks and every morning, the perfume of the suds has been reminding me of something happy/sad. Is it peonies, I wondered? No. Lilies of the valley? No. What, what, what? When I unwrapped the daffodils, though, I realized I finally had the name. It was spring.

One Response to “Daffodils in the Kitchen”

  1. dragonflyjourneys4women says:

    I just love this. We had a sunshiny spring day yesterday and today a cold winter mix (yuck). I’m so hungry for spring that it gives me a happy/sad feeling to think about it. Think I’ll pick up some daffodils tomorrow!

    Thanks for brightening my winter day,