Creative Rx

May 28th, 2010

A lot of self-help and writing books suggest composing your own eulogy in order to learn more about yourself, but I prefer the idea of writing a letter thanking the world for all the things and people you’ve loved in your lifetime. Here’s how mine starts:

“Dear World, There are so many things about you I’ll miss: cracked sidewalks; winter sunsets; new shoes; pasta Bolognese; the whole concept of kissing; fireplaces; Fridays; paychecks. Driving over the bridge with the sailboats far below. The bamboo “forest” in my backyard. My family…how will I bear to let go of them? Falling in love, even when it ended in tears; the smell of watermelon and cut grass; braiding my granddaughter’s hair; lightning; porch lights to come home to; showers…you outdid yourself on that one; the Goldberg Variations; dinner over the years with Bill and Diane; my soul friends; trekking London with Claire; my house haven; birds flying in and out of the sprinkler in my yard;…”

It’s a great writing practice because it forces you to be specific and visual and a valuable personal practice because it helps you learn what you really value in life.

2 Responses to “Creative Rx”

  1. ~Kristina says:

    this is a brilliant exercise.

  2. Diane says:

    Is this a new part of your blog or have I been missing it all along?

    I am startled by this exercise. It is such a powerful idea – I’m sure I would find myself sobbing midway through it. Just thinking about what would be on my list makes me feel that I have gotten way more than my share, and that makes me think I should shut up about certain dissatisfactions. I like the whole idea of getting really specific. Great creative Rx!

    (You would show up on the first page of my thank-you letter.)

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