Creative Rx

September 13th, 2010

At the art center  in Virginia where I took a wonderful workshop this weekend, rows of these artists’ carts were lined up in the hallway. They reminded me of hospital carts — so appropriate since I was definitely in art intensive care for 2+ days. Drawing and painting was the object, but most important was learning to see things in a different way. My brain felt squeezed dry by Sunday night, but I’m looking at the world more closely. In Creative Sparks, Jim Krause suggests picking a part of your daily routine where you’re in the same place over and over, viewing the same things day after day, and then the next time you’re there, look around until you see something that you hadn’t seen before or had forgotten about. Do it every day, he says, and make it a ritual. You’ll be amazed at what you haven’t been noticing.

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  1. gloria says:

    Gotta love those carts. I sure could use one of them in my studio.:) Have a great day.

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