Creative Rx

June 9th, 2010

I’ve been wanting to make a wall shrine out of a drawer ever since I saw one in a magazine spread of a very cool house. A friend of mine found this drawer in the trash on the curb and rescued it for me. It’s small (13″x13″), and it was probably really ugly and overwickered when it was part of a chest or bedside table or whatever. ┬áBut I love the handle on top because it reminds me of a seashell, and I think it can be turned into something a little bit holy, a lot of funky. I’ll put picture wire on the back (bottom of drawer) so it can be hung on the wall when I’m done, and then I have to figure out what color I’ll paint it and what will go in it. God knows, it will probably take me a year, because I’ll have to ruminate on the right color for months, but if I ever get it finished, I’ll put the After version up for you to see.

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