Cool Tools

September 17th, 2010

I love writing and sketching with Pilot Bravo pens because the ink seems to glide across the page. The only catch is if you want to add some watercolors to your sketch, the ink runs. So I usually stick to Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens for that purpose. My new favorite blank books for sketching or writing are 5 1/2  x  5 1/2 Hand Book Artist Journals. They’re small enough to carry in my purse, I like the binding and they lay flat when opened. And I just plain love buying new tools. What are your favorite tools, accessories, gadgets?

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  1. Beverly Rollwagen says:

    Darling Duck….What a wonderful site/sight to find you. Maybe you will never get this as you posted this so long ago, but I just started doing watercolor and it is incredible to have the visual and verbal working together…honestly, I thought you were 28 years old when you took my poem…love that we are contemps…glad you are sending your voice out into the world!

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