Conversation Plus

April 22nd, 2012

I feel so blessed that in the past few weeks I’ve had wonderful dinners with friends that involved conversations that reverberated long after the meals were over. One impromptu dinner was prefaced by a visit to an exhibit that made my eyeballs and imagination sing. Later our wine was laced with spicy gossip and art talk. Another dinner of salmon en croute was eaten while I played Bananagrams with friends who are as obsessed with word games as I am. And on yet another occasion, we talked about the places we’ve been and the ones on our most-wanted lists. Dreams and plans and what-ifs. During my dinners with friends, our wandering talk took us from the right way to grow gardenias to weddings in Tuscany to political outrage. The food ranged from burritos to sautéed bok choy to homemade macaroni and cheese. None of these evenings could have happened via Facebook or Twitter or email. They had to be in the flesh, in the moment, improvisational and impromptu,  the verbal equivalent of a Keith Jarrett concert. Sometimes it’s so easy to have 140-character chit chat that I forget it’s the fast food version of conversation. And when I have the real thing, I wonder how I settled for less.

5 Responses to “Conversation Plus”

  1. THIS is missing from my life. Local friends that have time (or more accurately, make time) for dinner and conversation. I used to be the person who hosted the get togethers and then momhood took over. I quit doing it, not just because I was exhausted but also because it seemed harder and harder to find a conversation that wasn’t about kids. UGH. I found those conversations when I was living in Europe but not since I’ve moved back. I’m a bit desperate, actually, for someone to really talk to.

  2. nikki says:

    I selfishly soak up my friends’ hospitality and need to start extending the invitations.

  3. claire says:

    thank you for being so interesting! and for this post. it’s so damn true.

  4. nikki says:

    Dinner with You and Michael was one of my inspirations!

  5. Deb Mangolt says:

    So true. I just said goodbye to my two dear friends from Toronto who were here for a visit and we had the best time drinking wine and giggling as we sailed in the Charleston harbor, were pampered at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island, and treated ourselves to some of Charleston’s delicious eateries. Facebook can’t touch these moments.

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