Cloud 999

September 6th, 2011

I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a bit nuts when I wander along the sidewalk taking pictures of the sky. I love trying to capture clouds…if there were a job on Weather Channel for a Cloud Chaser instead of Storm Chaser, I would apply instantly. I never tire of their infinite variety, especially cloud mountains that seem like a Shangri-La just out of reach. Most of the time my eyes and mind are firmly grounded on daily minutiae or my small, human-sized sorrows and worries. I’m staring down when I walk or straight ahead and I forget to look up.   To see a squirrel tightrope walking a power line, a redtail hawk chasing small prey, a red tin roof against an eye-of-god blue sky. My photos never seem to catch that perfect cloud moment, just like I have a hard time doing that in life, but I’ll keep trying and failing and trying and failing and looking up.

One Response to “Cloud 999”

  1. Sandy Donn says:

    How comforting to know that someone else snaps pics of clouds! I truly thought I was in a class by myself! I recently tripped while looking up (eight stitches to the underside of the chin!) so there’s benefit to being grounded when walking. . .happy clouding. . .

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