The gold Buddha shares my necklace with a brass tag from the Tate Modern in London. It’s by the sculptor Louise Bourgeois and it says, “Art is a guaranty of sanity.” The friend who sent it knows it would be a powerful amulet for me. I was wearing it tonight:
…when I had coffee with a doctor friend who relieves pain, grows tomatoes, saves old trees, loves music, makes electric eye contact, steps lightly on the earth, detests pretension, gives hugs that don’t withhold.
…when I ate dinner with my artist friend who doesn’t confuse his soul with his ego, is too generous, shares my grasshopper sensibility, volunteers for hospice, can’t say no to friends, has an unerring eye, gives himself too little credit, doesn’t realize his own worth.
…when a very very rich man passed our table without a glance. Either he didn’t recognize me or didn’t want to recognize me. He was with a beautiful young woman, and he was silverhaired and power bluesuited and surrounded by a safe green zone of bullet-proof investments. It was like seeing God walk by and I couldn’t imagine what we had talked about during that one awkward blind-date lunch we shared. What do you say to God when he is talking about taking a golf trip around the world’s most famous courses and you haven’t even been to Paris? And you have a tattoo that suddenly seems trashy and your clothes don’t fit right and you wish you had never left Kentucky.
But as he walked out the door, I remembered that “Art is a guaranty of sanity.” And money isn’t. And I would hate golfing around the world when Paris is waiting.

4 Responses to “Close Encounters of Three Kinds”

  1. Mayberry Magpie says:

    “And I would hate golfing around the world when Paris is waiting.”

    Best line I’ve read in . . . months.

    Most unique blog I’ve discovered in . . . forever.

    Fridaville’s art will keep me sane.

  2. m-c says:

    thanks for this, puts me back on track. Same goes for the ‘Things to Cut Out of My Life’ post – i wish for these soul opening to be more frequent among bloggers!

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