Circa Now

April 22nd, 2014



If I had a couch as old as my face, it would be a collector’s item sought after for that patina of age that DIYers try to reproduce, the look of authenticity that marketers are always trying to fake for their clients. But it can’t be old old, because to be old is uncool.  These days, women of a certain age and beyond have to possess that aura of “You can’t imagine the crazy shit I’ve seen and done and I’m still sexy” that advertisers look for when they book Lauren Hutton. Let’s face it–we’re not all Lauren Huttons. In fact, very few of us rolled the dice and won her genetic jackpot, but there are more and more books out there aimed at helping older women look not so old. No  matter what they say, though, I’m not all that interested in reupholstering. The truth is that I’m too lazy.  And there’s only so much that filler, face lifts and Botox can do before you end up looking like The Joker in Batman or Jack Nicholson in The Shining (those crazy eyebrows!). I think it’s great that Diane Keaton is the older spokesmodel for L’Oreal, but let’s get L’oREAL — do we really think there’s no airbrushing going on? Do I actually believe cosmetics are going to make me look prom-ready? Do I expect that plastic surgery will make me look like anything other than an older woman who has had plastic surgery? No, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get sucked into the dream of a Fountain of Youth. I don’t love being invisible in terms of my accomplishments, talents or looks, and is anyone really prepared for that? Making peace with it is an ongoing process, but my face tells a story that I need to own, one that I’m only just now beginning to read between the lines.




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  1. Ann tracey says:

    Hey Nikki… At first glance… I saw ‘caged’… then ‘aged’… Ironic? Loved your post… And invisibility is real, hard to accept in the post-sexual power age group I’m in… But making peace with it has rewards and brings a certain freedom too… Thx for making me think this morning!

  2. […] best, they may say, as my friend Nikki Hardin writes, that they have a “patina,” a surface change that comes with age that’s usually […]

  3. I am with you, NIkki! gravity will have its way with me….probably more because i am terrified of surgery…but also because it just does not look natural….I plan to keep working out, eating well and hoping for the best! The invisible issue is awful….but in a weird way, i guess it gives us more freedom to be ourselves and not worry about what others think!

    damn. i liked the post and wrote the comment…thinking it was to you…and it went onto my facebook page….damn….

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