Center of My Universe

June 23rd, 2008

I’m so shallow that even a labyrinth can’t keep me focused on eternal verities. I wish I could understand the concept of walking toward the center as a process, but I just want to skip ahead to the end and see how it comes out (am I spiritual yet?). How embarrassing. I’m really trying to get better at not finishing people’s sentences or taking the easy way out when it comes to exercise, writing a book, reading a book, or falling in love (are we there yet?). Impatience coupled with laziness is my bete noir. I like to dabble and cut out early. My friend Jeff paid for us to take salsa lessons and the studio is so lame and I’m so bad at it (picture a cow doing the fox trot–seriously, I turn into a four-hoofed hoofer on the dance floor) that my usual m.o. would be to take one lesson out of the package of four and then consider that I’d had the Experience and talk about it incessantly in order to convince myself that I’d accomplished something. But this time, I’m sticking it out for the full FOUR LESSONS. Two down, two to go–next up–group dance! With the lights down low. I probably won’t get more graceful, but by God and Fred Astaire, I’m seeing it through to the center.

5 Responses to “Center of My Universe”

  1. dragonflyreflections says:

    I flip-flop… on the one hand, I’ve worked for the same company for nearly 27 years; on the other hand, I enrolled in a four-session art class this summer, thought it was lame, and didn’t go back after the first session. I guess I’m looking for a way to enjoy the journey towards the center -have more appreciation for the things I need for sustenance (like a job) and discard things that don’t really serve me (like drawing plastic fruit ;D ). Thanks for this post – made me stop and think!

  2. ida b. says:

    I still owe you floating (not swimming!) lessons. Your inner mermaid with a Posh haircut is ready to conquer the shallow end of the pool.. after salsa lessons, floating will be a piece of cake.

  3. Judy H in NC says:

    I can identify! My mom is a great ballroom type dancer. My mind says Ginger Rogers, my feet Clem Kiddlehopper.

    Hang in there. I’ve started listening to Latin music while I clean the house to really get me moving, so I will be there in my mind for you.

  4. grateful girl says:

    I hope you’re still doing the lessons. I’m a big start-get-intimidated/bored-quit person. It’s so hard to know if I’m cutting myself some slack, saying “no” to give myself a break from being overscheduled, or if I’m just copping out on good opportunities to stretch and grow. I suspect the latter — I suspect I’m basically lazy.

  5. Sue McGettigan says:

    “I just want to skip ahead to the end and see how it comes out (am I spiritual yet?)” – LOL, I love that. Walk the whole labyrinth, it’s worth the revelation, do the dance classes, if nothing else you can laugh about it later 🙂