Canned Enlightenment

November 24th, 2014

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This time of year, I always think of Thanksgiving dinners at my grandmother’s house with the long table spread with a lace cloth and set with her best china and silver. Even though I now own her china, I’ve never achieved that level of civility in my own domestic life. In fact, I’ve spent the last decades eating many dinners at the coffee table while I read a book. According to all the experts in women’s magazines, this evidently takes years off the life expectancy of a single woman. I plead guilty to cutting similar corners in many areas of my life. Yes, I wish I didn’t want to take a short cut to the middle of a labyrinth instead of a making a slow contemplative circuit. I wish I’d been practicing inner peace  all along instead of waiting to cram for it right before the exam. And I wish I could go back and have a re-do on those make-shift meals with a book in my lap or eating sardines out of a can over the sink. But those sardines! Peeling back the lid, seeing the symmetry of the way they’re packed, partaking of the bones and flesh of each little fish has its own beauty. Even when I eat them straight out of the can, I’m saying “thank you” with every bite. Thank you for the sunshine-colored olive oil they’re swimming in, thank you for their silvery shiny bodies, thank you for the taste of the “wine dark sea” or the stormy Atlantic I imagine was their home. A pause to praise regardless of the plate.

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  1. i love everythi about this. Simple & beautiful!

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