Both Sides Now

May 16th, 2010

I’ve been extra lucky with all the flights I’ve taken the last couple of years. No horror stories, or long security lines or late arrivals or take-offs, but my trip to Seattle was fraught with glitches on the way home … delayed flight, missed connection, comical/tragical trudging from one line only to be sent to another over and over, and finally having to spend the night in a Delta flophouse hotel in Atlanta with so many in-room cautions about safety that I thought I might be in more personal danger on the ground than in the air. At one point, I wanted to kick someone’s head in after I’d been routed to the same “help” line three times, but otherwise I mostly managed to stay in a stoic stupified zen zone through the whole ordeal. And in some ways, being extra tired and beaten down helped flip my normal point of view. On the last leg of my trip I sat right behind the wing, and I had the sense of riding on the back of an angel. I’ve always thought that if angels exist, they must be gigantic, outsized Amazons, and for that hour, all my fear of flying was gone. I usually stay glued to a book during a flight, but this time looking down at the fields and woods and winding creeks and marsh and the drifting bits of cloud, the earth seemed magical and astounding again. The shadow of the plane passing over the ground below made me wonder if the shadow of divinity doesn’t pass over us daily, but our eyes are glued to work, errands, shopping, all our little time-passers and we just don’t notice.

4 Responses to “Both Sides Now”

  1. “…and I had the sense of riding on the back of an angel.” I love that image!

  2. The shadow of the divine passing over us, and we’re too busy to notice. We do distract ourselves to the point of sedation sometimes…

  3. …….I’ve been reading your blog for a while and never commented…….first, I want to say I think you have a great sense of humor…… an observer I feel you are getting closer and closer to the things you want for yourself spiritually……we’re all on this path together and sometimes we don’t feel our progress…..somehow reading your blog and all its total honesty I feel less alone and feel a lot of other people must also and realize the connectedness we all share………best wishes to you!!!!!……

  4. nikki says:

    Thank you, Carol. It’s true…most of the time I feel like I’m thrashing around in a big circle, but it’s really hard to discern our own journey from the outside.

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