Bluegrass State Breakdown

October 2nd, 2012


 Job worries gnawing at your fingernails, a promising project slides down the tubes, another birthday behind you, traveling through the dead breath of airports, rain coming down in sideways sheets, a GPS taking you through all the circles of hell on Google earth without ever finding your destination, banging on the steering wheel and screaming with the windows up, tears and more rain and two large semis double teaming you on a zero-visibility freeway to nowhere,  two huge mismatched suitcases in the trunk filled with all the mismatched clothes you own because you realize when packing that all your clothes are crap and anyway you’re fat, sitting in a deserted hotel bar because your room is too lonely and you’re too small and the world is too big and it never was your oyster anyway. Unfortunately you can go home again…welcome back.

6 Responses to “Bluegrass State Breakdown”

  1. Diane says:

    First, I’m so sorry for what you’re facing and going through. Makes me want to sit in a dark bar with you and keep you company, even though it might be that flying solo is what you’re supposed to be doing right now.

    But second – and I’m sorry to be paying attention to what might seem superficial to you at the moment – your writing!!! This post is amazing! It’s so true and raw and immediate. Took my breath away. It’s as if I read a novel in your single, vivid sentence.

  2. claire says:

    as much as i love ny, fuck it and fly to london.


  3. nikki says:

    Wish I were there in the city I love most in the world

  4. You capture all this so perfectly and I’m sorry that it’s because you’re living it.

    A little more than a year ago, I was in a place like this. Scared me to death because for the first time in my life, I understood what it meant to COME UNDONE.

  5. Barbara says:

    I found you via Phyllis – I love your website. I love your writing. (the dead breath of airports!) I’m going to send all my students here. And my own blog readers.

  6. nikki says:

    Thank you so much! Trying to grow an audience for my blog, but it’s tough when you’re basically lazy like I am. N

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