Purses & Epiphanies

September 24th, 2010

I think I’ve been way too tame in celebrating my birthdays, so this year I’ve decided excess is in order. I decided to buy a purse a day for the week preceding my birthday…so far my beautiful daughters have given me a Fossil Vintage Backpack (so cool) and I’ve purchased a red leather bag from here and an old-school satchel from here. The other bags I want are too expensive, but what the hell–it’s my birthday. I might even take flying lessons, because I’m so terrified of it. Or go to Scotland just because. Or at least disappear for a day without telling anyone where I am. Thinking about my birthday this afternoon, I realized that the instant I was born, I was all Possibility right before I was spanked, given a name I didn’t choose and swaddled and socialized. I like to daydream about where I came from and who I might have been in those first few seconds I breathed air, before the world took me in hand and taught me how to behave.

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  1. Sometimes when I’m dreaming up a better, wider, or different life than I’ve had, I think about those other not-so-nice possibilities: hunger, abuse, violence, want. Yes, I’ve had my griefs, disappointments, and regrets, but oh, I have been spared a lot of heartache and pain too. It’s been a good life–and I’m lucky to wake up and get another chance at it. Maybe I’ll get to Scotland. Maybe I’ll just get up and walk the dog and smile at my neighbors. : )

  2. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday Nikki!!!!

  3. nikki says:

    Thanks, Jen!

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