Bird Brains

July 27th, 2010

I’ve been watching the gang of hummingbirds that gather on my daughter’s porch in Yosemite, dining on nectar all day long, getting a sugar high on life. They’re smarter than I am. Lately I’ve let work and worry turn me sour, and I’m trying to remember all the sweet things about my life and what I used to like about myself. For instance, I used to be a funny girl, able to laugh at myself and make others laugh, too. I miss that person, so I’m trying to remember to apply the 5-year perspective to situations that I blow out of all proportion: Is [insert crazy-making scenario] really, really likely to make a difference in my life 5 years from now? Usually the answer is an unequivocal “no,” which frees me to deal with it in an entirely more relaxed way and to separate what is worth going to bat for vs what can walk on by. Sweet!

2 Responses to “Bird Brains”

  1. Sometimes life starts to feel like Chinese water torture. You can rationalize that it’s “just one little drop of water” on your head, but after a while, one after another after another feels like you’re drowning.

    I have a good sense of humor too and it’s worked in a lot of situations, but when I’ve been stressed over a long period of time, I just can’t find the funny anymore either.

  2. Sallie says:

    Hey, asshead – I was wondering where you are! We are off to NC next week but home after that. I miss you – we WILL get together. Loving each and everyone of your posts. They are spot on! You the coolest!

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