Begin with Red

September 4th, 2010

The cushy lining of the uterus. The angry cry at being pulled loose. My favorite story of Little Red Riding Hood and the shivery feeling I get when the wolf steps into her path. Hell fire where I will probably end up unless I’m saved, which I am a dozen times at the altar of my youth by a trumpet-playing preacher. Twelve ¬†years old and yearning to be swept off my feet by Jesus. Until I meet David when I’m 13 and wearing a red dress and red shoes the first day of high school and he is leaning, lanky and broad-shouldered, ¬†against the wall checking out the new girls in the freshman class. “Hi, Red,” he says. And that’s how it begins.

3 Responses to “Begin with Red”

  1. I was swept off my feet by a boy whose coppery hair matched my own. Landed on my ass with red eyes two years later.

  2. Claire says:

    Can we change the color of our lives?

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